Highway Hazard Warning

There are many hazards that can present themselves on high speed main highways across the country, some cant be predicted but some can be, therefore you can take action to prevent them causing accidents.

One particular hazard is due to road layout causing a blind spot, which combined with heavy slow moving, long trucks pulling out on to the highway in front of approaching vehicle that are travelling at their normal legal speed limit. Approaching motorists have very little time to react and avert an impact with the truck. In this situation the motorist almost always ends up worse off.

i:TS has designed and built an advance warning sign system that detects trucks that are waiting to enter or that are entering the highway. The system wirelessly activates an LED enhanced road sign 150m down the road around a corner. The vehicle detection system can be configured to exclude smaller vehicles like utes and cars from triggering the sign.

When the sign activates it warns motorist of the potential hazard ahead and prompts them to slow down  and be prepared to stop.