PSD-4000 Portable Surveillance System

The PSD-4000 Portable Surveillance & Deterrence System provides off the grid, 24/7 monitoring. The combination of a robust  battery/solar power platform and cutting edge VideoGuard Surveillance Technology allows the user to DETECT, DETER and ALERT without human interaction. The system utilises the latest thermal imaging technologies, analytics and proprietary VideoGuard software to provide real time surveillance solutions. This state of the art system provides enormous cost savings with better performance and results over traditional remote security surveillance solutions.

How it Works

  • The Flir FC-334 thermal cameras DETECT intruders in designated security areas and commence recording images automatically
  • An Axis P5624WE PTZ camera zooms into the intrusion zone and begins recording
  • Instantaneously the LED Nightbrite light and Axis C3003E speaker will activate, broadcast a warning and DETER intruders from the area
  • The software system simultaneously ALERTS security managers of the intrusion via text or email
  • The alert provides a live video feed of the thermal and PTZ cameras and provides real time communication through the two-way speaker